About Colin

This is where I tell you all about little old me. I love writing, reading and words. Football is my other passion and a sport I played from the age of 9 right through to my early 40’s.

Now I coach and manage a team that my daughter plays in, support my son in his team and have a season ticket to watch the mighty ‘Ammers from the East End of London.

Dog alert

Peppa – our furry bear

I‘m lucky to be married to my lobster and we have 4 wonderful children ranging in age from 11 up to 17. We live a 30 minutes drive from London (my birth place) and I work in sports development in an organisation that focusses on sports coaching.

And now….now in October 2014 I’ve hit the buffers. I’m a lost 48 year old, lost in terms of the world and where I fit. Lost with all the expectations on the modern man, lost in terms of my role and place and having to juggle finances in a difficult time whilst providing for a growing family and keeping ones head above water.

So I want to share my life and see if I can go from the despair I find myself in to putting the smile back into my life – cathartic blogger.

Let’s give it a go!


4 Responses to About Colin

  1. Kelli says:

    I wonder if every generation gets into their 40’s and thinks “this is it? are you sure?” or if it’s just ours. I blame the Cold War. We spent so many years convinced WWIII was right around the corner we never thought we’d grow old and never thought about what that would look like? I couldn’t agree with you more about feeling lost sometimes.

    • 1966colin says:

      Good to “meet” you. Interesting that your writing voice is so young and fresh but you talk about being brought up in the age of a possible WW3. That’s a really good writing skill to have. See I’m jealous of you again – LOL.

  2. Kelli says:

    I wish there was a place to send you greetings rather than making it comments on a page!

    Dear Mr. Mullenweg, I do love your blogging platform, could you please include a private messaging feature so I could tell my friend Colin hello and wish him a happy summer. He’s likely on holiday making memories to share in his blog.


  3. Hi: Always happy to make the acquaintance of another local writer. Thanks for looking at my blog and hope we can stay connected.

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