The Double Bed phenomenon!

An interesting thing happened on one of our recent holidays. The room we had was a double but in practice it was two single beds pushed together with separate duvets. So why interesting? Well it was the best night's sleep either of us had in two decades of being together. Why? Well for starters the join down the middle become like a boundary. Both of us kept to "our" own side. Secondly having a duvet each meant there was no nicking the covers. You had your cover and didn't need to drag the covers over you. And of course if you want a different TOG rating then you just do. Then finally a single bed is more than half the size of a normal English double bed. (I put English as I have no idea what you may do in other countries) Now you can get different size double beds but I bet the majority sold are the 4 foot 6inch variety. So if a single bed is 3 foot then you are now in a much bigger bed (a foot and a half wider to save you doing the maths) when two are pushed together. You can of course have different types of firmness as well, suiting your own needs rather than compromising. After all we all compromise too much in our relationships don't we?

And without getting into the writing of Fifty Shades when we wanted to be close we were. The boundary line didn't matter as we could lay one side or the other of it. Or, particularly in the moment, right on it, over it and wherever we wanted to be on it.

I haven't been brave enough to suggest separate duvets since we got home – even that small change I think would make a world of difference – but maybe one day – when the kids have left home and we have an abundance of single duvets. Me under a Spider-Man cover and the better half under a plethora of minions! We'll make quite the couple.

So think about your sleeping arrangements, not in terms of the old Terry and June single beds, separated by a yard of carpet and never the twain shall meet. But in terms of separate duvets with different TOG and maybe two nice and wide single beds.

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