The Cold Frame

It’s been a month since I last posted…blogged…and the good news is that I started a new job! So I’ve been extremely busy settling into that and getting to know everyone and most importantly where the tea things are stored. But more of that in a future blog, for now I thought I’d let you know about my latest project – the Cold Frame! Cue appropriate tension building music.

I had some of the pallet wood left over from a previous project – the Sawhorses, three glazed kitchen cupboard doors (two large, one narrow) from a neighbour’s kitchen refit and some soft wood from a neighbour down the road. So again as low cost as possible to make an item that we “need” or will find very useful. 

I was basically building a box without a base and with a sloping top. The two larger glazed doors would make the back and the sloping top, the narrower one would make the front – thus giving a slope because of their difference in width (height in this scenario) The soft wood was to be the wood which attached sides to the front and back and the pallet wood was the sides. I had two old hinges from something else and I had some of the kitchen door handles – to be used for the lid opening and then two for carrying handles on the sides.
All in all an “easy” build if you have a bit of DIY knowledge – it was all about screwing things together in the right order – softwood to front and back; back to top with hinges; add sides panel by panel until you got as high as the sloping top; cut some of the panels to match the sloping top; add lid handle; add side handles. And hey presto a Cold Frame:

I have no idea how long it will last in the outside elements, I have no idea whether it will create the micro climate a cold frame usually does and I have no idea if the better half will ever let me build up my collection of wood off cuts ever again!!

Stay safe out there!

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