Charity Shop – The Radio

If you saw one of my previous blogs – Charity Shop – The Trivet – you will know I like a charity shop. A little while ago I spotted a small radioImage 2 in our local Sue Ryder charity shop.

It was a Sony, FM/AM, ICF-S1MK2 which you can see in the lovely photo. An older FM/AM (medium wave) radio from Sony but at £4-50 this was a great purchase. Image 1Very simple to use as it has an “On/Off/Volume” dial, a tuning dial, a FM/AM selector switch and that’s it in terms of controls. There is an aerial, a standard earphone socket and a window with a “stick” that as you turn the tuner dial it moves along printed frequencies showing where you are on the frequency spectrum. There’s a red light that comes on when the signal is strong (something that would be handy in Star Wars -“The Force is strong in that one!”) and a wrist loop so you’re less inclined to drop it. NB – If any of that is “technically” wrong, please send corrections to someone who is bothered!

You have nothing more technical to do than to select FM or AM, turn it on, fiddle withImage 3 the tuning dial until you get the radio frequency you want (maybe move the aerial around until the little red light glows), set the volume and listen. It really does do what it says on the box…although this didn’t come with a box but you know what I mean.

I use it when I’m working in the home office, out in the garden making stuff, having a bath or I just want radio and don’t want to access it through my phone – that’s a phone….

So win/win – I get a cool (hey I was born a long time ago) gadget and the charity gets some cash.

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One Response to Charity Shop – The Radio

  1. I don’t use the ‘o’ word but that technology was from my era. After my adventure with my television and the multiple remotes saga, I kind of long for a simpler time. But then my brain would atrophy and I’d have trouble even finding the remote. I guess we have to move with the times. It’s not hard. One just have to know where to get the instructions. And…if one has problems it’s alway possible to put a telephone call (old technology) to a very nice man with an accent in El Salvador. The Baby Boomer generation is still leading the crowd! LOL.

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