The Redundant Male

I have just recently been made redundant. An awful time not of my choosing but here I am out of work. The caveman within is devastated! How can I put food on the table or money in the account or even be a “man” – whatever that means before people start complaining. I don’t know myself what being a “man” in the modern world is anymore, but that’s a blog for a different day and when I’m in a different place.

I’ve taken to making things out of old wooden pallets or alternatively baking cakes. They are my merge offerings to the family to show I am not scrapheap material but an integral part of the world. I have tried for several jobs since my end date but I haven’t even been selected for interview. These jobs I can do on my head, with my weaker hand and whilst reciting Shakespeare as easy as the next dummy – but I haven’t even been shortlisted for interview! The lady at the career management advice do-dah says it’s because my CV is rubbish (I paraphrase but you get the idea) and I don’t blow my own trumpet enough. Blimey if I could play trumpet I might have another string to my bow, or is that archery!

But hey unemployment is at its lowest since the last time anyone bothered to check and as HR told me “we often find that people made redundant go on to better things”. What if I’m the exception to the rule? What if I don’t go on to better things? What if my world becomes making things out of wooden pallets….

So, I hear you all ask, what are these things made from wooden pallets! First I made a sawhorse as it’s hard to saw wood without a sawhorse – below.

One Sawhorse

Then you have to make a second:

Two Sawhorses

And if that’s not enough you then realise you can make a workbench – just got to find somewhere to store it all now….


Now I’ve got to decide whether I am blogging about up-cycling or redundancy over the next few months. Or whether I’m better off combining them – The Redundant Woodworker has a certain ring to it.

Stay safe out there!

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8 Responses to The Redundant Male

  1. Great post – losing a job, awful! Keep this as a journal. It might make a great memoir one day. All the best.

  2. katy young says:

    oh Colin I’m sorry to hear this – and can’t believe for a minute that you won’t find something else…will keep my ear to the ground…in the meantime…look forward to the DIY tips!

  3. Sally says:

    Keep smiling and blogging Colin, great to hear what you’re up to and if you really want a project, a playhouse would be great for my little lady!! 🤣 Seriously tho, take care and keep busy!! Big hugs x

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