Charity Shop – The Trivet

We all know what a trivet is, don’t we? In its basic form it’s something that will be resistant to heat and save your nice worktops from being scorched by your cooking pots, pans and kettles. So there’s nothing ingenious or technological about the trivet. It is just a shape of material that takes the heat from things that have been sat on or in the oven.

So there I was in The St Luke’s Hospice (St Luke’s Hospice) charity shop and I saw the trivet in the photo.


Simple design, made of wood and rope and a good size for any pan including ovenware. The clincher was the price tag. Seventy-five pence. That’s right not even a pound. So home it came and now sits on the side quietly doing its job. No batteries, no plug, no recharging – just goes about its business with efficiency. As this photo demonstrates it working – splendid.


Footnote:- I love a charity shop. I can give to charity whilst buying items that I need/like but maybe can’t afford at their full cost. The absolute definition of “win-win”


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4 Responses to Charity Shop – The Trivet

  1. Belinda O says:

    That’s a good-looking trivet!

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