Saturday 4th June – why I’m back!


So after my “break” from blogging I have spent a lot of time thinking about why I want to write and how I go about it. Last time round I got a little too morose, too sad, too “oh woe is me”.

And that’s not really me. Yes I might be going through a bad period of my life but I have always been a happy fool. In medieval times I would have been the court jester. I just have to quip my way through every situation in my life.

So why do I want to write? Well I’ve always enjoyed writing and apart from the unfinished (to be honest, unstarted) novel/screenplay and 12 part TV series, a blog makes sense for all those short bits which don’t fit anyway else. So a channel to talk about my life – an English guy in his second half of a century (WHAT!!! When the f did that happpen?); a dad; a husband; a dog owner; a football coach; a worker; London born, bred and long since displaced – so a window on that life that people might find interesting, amusing or just social history.

Next I realised I was putting myself under more pressure because I have set up WordPress to send me notifications when people I follow post – in the words of Julie Robert’s in Pretty Women – “mistake, big mistake!”. What that did was play on my sense of not being worthy or good at writing. Why was everyone else better than me? Why did they have constant ideas and things happening in their lifes? So I’ve turned off all those notifications and I’ll write for me, not to “better” someone else. And I will just check in more regularly to see what those wonderful people are upto.

So that leaves the “how”. I originally was writing straight into WordPress and had to get it done in one sitting. Of course more pressure. So now I’ll be writing in a word processor application and taking my time. Writing on one day and then returning a day later to check it over.


I’m also trying to read more blogs and these are the ones I’ve read this week:

Then I’ve added a Twitter account for those daily observations that only need 146 characters. Follow me on the twit-sphere – @1966colinblog

Next blog could well be about my recent “Snug” build – the writing room of my dreams (or just a shed extension of 1 square meter if you’d prefer!) or about my love of technology from the 1950s – kettle on the hob, vinyl record player, real tea.

You’ll see when I decide – because it’s all about me these days! (smiley face)

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