You Looking for me?

Where have I been for so long? Just logged in and looked over my blogs and comments and they’re all from so long ago! Where have I been?

There are a few reasons which all add up to the total picture.

In no particular order:- the football (proper football my American friends) season started. As I coach this great game all the spare time I thought I had disappeared – Poof.

Our youngest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s. Coming to terms with that has been really difficult. The amount of misunderstanding surrounding it and how we are having to work much closer with his school and sports clubs is phenomenal. So many of the “difficult” occasions we have had to face with him – especially with authority – have become a lot clearer. Just need to find a way/strategy to stop him telling his teachers that they’re stupid!

I have had a really difficult time at my job. The landscape we work in is changing and everyone is trying to protect themselves – finding out a few friend-colleagues (yes I’ve just invented a hyphenated word, do I have to patent that somewhere?) are in fact the opposite.

And finally, and this is in order, I have had to work out why I wanted to blog, what was the reason? Has this long hiatus actually been the start of the end of my writing (Grammar police I’ll let you jump all over that!) or would I return as it was such an important part of my life?

Then a few weeks ago I got a crazy idea in my head. One of those ideas that is there all day, you dream about it at night and then it’s there immediately you wake up the next day. I blame my youngest daughter. She loves those make over programmes and especially “George Clarkes Amazing Spaces”. A programme all about small spaces and clever design and I realised the shed at the side of our house had a small 1.5mx1.5m bit of space in front of it. If I could “box” that space in I would have an area to escape to and write within.

The Writing Room

My Sanctuary

And so The Snug was conceived, planned and if you look at the photo…..built! LOL

So watch this space as over the next few weeks I write about the family, me and most importantly The Snug.

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you.

(Tweeting @1966colinblog)

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One Response to You Looking for me?

  1. Belinda O says:

    Asperger’s is tough, but I would imagine it’s a relief to have a diagnosis/answer. There’s a man at my church in his 50’s who was 40+ before he was diagnosed. He said it was the best day of his life. That made me cry, thinking of all he went through before that. I hope you have support for this — I don’t know if support groups are common in England (I’m guessing that’s where you are based on the term “proper football” — you don’t hear “proper” used with “football” in America, ever) but talking to other parents who are facing the same thing I would think would be a great help. Anyway, glad you’re back!!!

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