To gift or not to gift that is the question

Or Blogging 101 – inspired by Greeting Cards

The blog I mention above is all about whether to send a greeting card or not and it inspired me to write about gifts. There is a good reason for this as our family have just entered the “birthday zone” where there seems to be a birthday every week through June, July and August. What happens in October and November in my family!

So for example my sister has two boys and each year they ask for money to put towards something bigger and this year in particular I realised they are both earning more money than me……so why do I keep sending them money (with a cheap greeting card which goes back to the blog above). They are in their 20s so when do I say sorry I’ve got to stop. It’s the same for the other family units, children I don’t see from one year to the next – don’t judge but I have no leisure time don’t you read my blogs? And my dad reminds me “Remember it’s Nathan’s birthday!” Dad, Nathan is 35 years old…..

My mum was one of five and each aunt and uncle had at least two children but in the main three. So all the aunts got together and said that eighteen years old was the ceiling as it was much too expensive to keep giving. But no one seems to want to say that in the present. How ironic that I struggle with presents in the present!

I wouldn’t mind if they thought about me but all I get on my birthday is their name added to my card from their parent. They don’t even write it themselves as they no longer live with their parents. Oh happy days.

Dave Gorman captured it nicely the other day on his programme “Modern Life is Goodish” when he drew up the gift tree. His gift tree was mum, dad, brothers and some nieces and nephews – about nine in total. His wife on the other hand had family and then old school friends and work colleagues and the antenatal group and teachers at their children’s school and neighbours. Her number of gifts was in the 30s!

So where do we draw the line? How do you get everyone on the same song sheet? And most importantly how do you up the number of gifts you get yourself!!! (Tongue firmly in cheek)

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3 Responses to To gift or not to gift that is the question

  1. Arpita says:

    Well, I believe what goes around, comes around. I love books, so often I end up giving books as gifts (only to those who care for books, that is). I also have a love for framed photos and collages. Last week I gave a book and a photo to my roommate as a farewell gift, as I leave the accomodation soon. She had also gifted me a book earlier. Luckily for me, it has always been a two-way process. And I enjoy giving away gifts too! I like to decorate the wrappers, write meaningful messages on the gift. Gifting makes me happy! 🙂

  2. It’s so nice to see my original post starting a chain effect – prompting a conversation around this topic! I’m going to look into the idea of a “gift tree”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Kelli says:

    Thankfully all of my nephews and lone niece are all children so contemplating a cut off date while in the future still seems appropriate. Maybe once they hit 15 or 16 I’ll just buy them a book, something I think they’d like or think they should read. The gift they don’t want but what’s good for them 😉 they may never ask for gifts again!

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