Travel the World

Or Blogging 101 – day nine (absolutely sure I’m back on track now!)

The lesson today is very interesting and asks that you write about another person’s post and use their pages as inspiration. So I’ve had a nose around again and thought I’d see what Expedition Hobo would bring to mind. (And I may even have added a link without too much trouble – such fun)

The immediate thing that draws you in are the little quotes – “don’t just see the world, see yourself in it” and “I consider myself a citizen of the world, a Hobo waiting for the next train and wondering its destination.” And I want some of that. I want the “have a backpack packed (that must be bad grammar!) and ready to go” attitude, the “where does the wind blow me today” attitude. I want to wake up and the dream I’ve been having is actually real – I’m walking a glazer in Iceland, I’m watching whales off the coast of Cape Cod, I’m walking the historic sites of England that I keep promising myself I will do.

And then….then reality bites and my thoughts turn to a wife, four children, a dog (Peppa you all must know about Peppa – ooh another link), bills to pay and a job to keep. So reading Expedition Hobo’s brilliant and beautiful to view blog is inspiring but at the very same time raises questions. How do you keep your job? How do you afford both the trips and to live? Are there dependants? Why can’t I be carefree and live for the now? Why am I held back – am I just making excuses?

Should I just start by buying that backpack – the bills will be here when I get back, right? And do I take any of the hoard? I think Peppa is a good travelling companion but she won’t be able to peel the potatoes so will have some limitations.

And maybe at the end of the day I’m satisfied with my life. I live the life I want and I can enjoy someone else’s life by reading blogs like Hobo. I can be there without being there. I can admire and be thrilled at the same time.

Anyone want to buy an unused backpack?

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1 Response to Travel the World

  1. Rechito says:

    I’m flattered you mentioned me on your blog. You’re right, it’s hard to balance travel and the bills but If you love something enough you sacrifice for it!

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