Passing Comment

Or Blogging 101 – Day Eight (I’m pretty sure it’s day eight….I think…)

Comment on at least four other posts they said, easy they said! Well it’s a bit like being the last to sign the birthday/wedding/leaving or get well soon card that’s going round the office. Every part of the card is full with Happy Birthday; Another year; Congrats on your big day; here’s to you and your husband to be; Good luck in your new job; sorry to see you go; hope you’re back on your feet soon; sorry to hear you’ve not been well…..and so on.

How do you write something unique, fresh, different? I do like to turn the card up the wrong way and then you stand out because it’s upside down but you can’t really do that with a comment. It has to be something different from “Love your post”; “Keep writing”; “Hi!”; “Wish I could write like you”. And then it struck me you have to actually read more than one post. Get a feel for the site, see what they’re about, hear the voice.

With that in mind I have tried with these four…..just no one go and check…ok, deal!!

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