A walk on the wild side

Or Somewhere between day 4 and 7 – Blogging 101

If you’ve read my “About Me” section you will know that I’m an older gent who has lost his way in life and the meaning of the “who, why and what” of his own universe. Part of my recovery is the bond I have with our dog Peppa (yes she appears on my “About Me” page). Now there are several things you need to know about Peppa.

  1. I did not want a dog! My rules were simple – I will not walk, feed or clean up after the dog. The other five aliens with whom I share my life all responded with “No dad of course we’ll do all that, you will never have to get out of your chair.” You know when your brain and heart both scream the same thing – “DON’T!!!” and you really should listen. So why didn’t I listen? Five years later we have the most wonderful dog and I walk her every day, I feed her every day and I clear up after her every day. But I really don’t care as I love her to bits and I know she sort of likes me. And
  2. (Did you forget there was a 2? I definitely did and I’m writing this thing) She is an absolute pickle! She’s as strong willed as anyone in the house and has me round her little finger…..erm…claw.


Recently I found a new walk near us that goes across the fields. We live a very urban life – 4 big supermarkets within 5 minutes, 3 different retail parks, roads, traffic and people. I think the county of Essex is one of the most densely populated in the UK. However there are parts where you can find a bit of peace and quiet. Being able to walk for over an hour, just me and Peppa, is bliss.

Where's Peppa - look closely, she's there!

Where’s Peppa – look closely, she’s there!

It allows me to think, it allows me to de-stress and it allows me (on occasion) to scream, shout and cry. Peppa knows. She’ll just wait for me to finish and then we’ll go on. The great thing is that those days, the screamy, shouty days are getting few and far between.

The majority of my walk is taken with meeting the wildlife, feeling, smelling and looking at the plants, the crops growing there in front of me. I don’t care if you think science is responsible or if you feel your God created it all – life and nature is marvelous. Watching the rabbits up ahead playing in the sun, butterflies skimming around, the crops moving in the breeze, the wind rustling the trees, birds singing their little bits off.

Even when there is rain you can see the way the plants gather the precious water, how puddles form and how the clouds move and how the wind hurries them across the sky. There is surely nothing better. Everything else goes from your mind and you can just be you.

And on Saturday we finally had a new friend come over

New Friend

New Friend

That’s the beauty of being out in nature, anything can happen but it also really grounds you in the now, the here and makes you realize that actually sometimes the “who, why and what” don’t matter a hill of beans.

I hope you like my photographs – all taken on my smartphone – A Motorola E

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8 Responses to A walk on the wild side

  1. mrjosephdiaz says:

    Great photos! They really add to your post and enrich it!

  2. hlhivy says:

    What a beautiful countryside! I always find that I overlook too many things when I’m not on foot. Seems like you are enjoying every moment – even the loud ones.

  3. lifeofskip says:

    Essex looks so beautiful! I can’t believe the only thing I’d heard about it before was “TOWIE”-related

  4. Gabi Hitel says:

    Hello there! Loved the post. I’m also a fellow Blogging101 “student” and really like your posts so far; it’s nice to see pictures of Essex since I used to live there before moving to the States!!

    P.S. My dad seems to have some of the same sentiments you did when it comes to getting a dog. I hear “I will not walk, feed or clean up after the dog…” almost every day when my mum and I try to convince him that a dog would be a great addition to the family!

    • 1966colin says:

      Thanks for the comment – where in Essex? Surely the States can’t compete….LOL. Dogs are quite a responsibility but if you can convince your dad you will take on that role – maybe start with a hamster – oops sorry dropped into dad mode, I can hear my kids groaning already….

  5. Pingback: Travel the World | 1966colin

  6. Kelli says:

    The pictures make me long for a vacation in someplace tranquil and green!

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