Old Gadgets, New Life

Or Day four – Blogging 101
I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that I was using an old 7 inch Android tablet and had stripped it of superfluous software and apps to create a lean, mean writing machine. Of course the very next day I found that the charger wasn’t really charging it correctly, the onscreen keyboard left a lot to be desired and the browser…..don’t even ask me about the browser!

So I threw it back in the drawer, well shoebox of gadget stuff that may come in handy one day.
Does everyone have a box, drawer or shed full of gadgets that may one day become useful? I have wireless routers, mice (yes more than one mouse), car radios, scanner (only has parallel link and all my current computers only have USB), printers, old PDAs (you must remember the PDA?), phones (mobile and not so mobile) and enough cables to open a cable shop. Ok it might be bigger than a shoe box, although you haven’t seen the size of my shoes, and might actually be several boxes in several rooms in several houses – I think my dad has forgotten the box I left in his loft.

This all indicates to me the change in pace in technology. I can’t give the stuff away. No one wants it because it is such old tech, even though most of it is less than a year old. Who foresaw the rise of the personal computer, the move to laptops, the smart phone, the tablet? The World Wide Web, the Internet, Blogging, Vlogging? People earning a living sharing their lives, their passions, their imaginations? I guess someone did otherwise we wouldn’t have all that stuff but could people really have seen the speed with which it has changed, improved,  stressed us, inspired us, enriched our lives and created box upon box of….erm….waste!


However let’s roll back a bit to where I was talking about how rubbish the 7 inch tablet was proving to be for writing. I’ve sat at work today thinking through my options and most involved money. Well it doesn’t grow on trees and as far as I can see it doesn’t grow in my bank either. I realised I could probably charge the tablet through a USB to my laptop – I could. That I could probably find an external keyboard – I could. That I could try a different browser – I could. So I’m all happy again, charging, tapping and browsing. Just need to find an app that will make my cup of tea without leaving my chair.

Which leads to a question. Should we start to lease tech? When I was younger we used to lease/rent our television and our VCR – kids that was a machine that taped TV onto cassette. This was because the objects were so expensive but you could pay monthly and have the latest gear and then when it became obsolete you got the shop to give you a new one and take back the old one – I’m talking Radio Rentals, Redifussion and DER for people of a certain age. But is our tech, our 21st Century tech cheap enough that we’re happy enough to throw it away (or keep it in multiple boxes) and just go and buy a new one?

Has life changed so much that a person from the 1970s, 1980s really would not recognise what we have become? To paraphrase The “Go-Between” – the future is a foreign country, we will do things differently there!

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