Day three or it could be four – Blogging 101

Topics and following people and tags and raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things! (Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein for a lazy rip off). I got very confused with the distinction between what is a tag and what is a topic. I thought going into Reader would help but it got me even more con-fussed (sic, a mixture of being confused and fussed/stressed) and then I noticed a post by Kelli Blogs and being a bear with a short span of attention I was off and away, skipping down a different path.

Her blog entitled “I LOVED Mr Rogers” – don’t worry I’ve put the link at the end of this post, I would like you to finish reading this first…please – talks about a writer needing the buzz of the “likes” and the “comments”, getting some recognition that “hey maybe I am a bit good at writing” (yes it is supposed to be written in clunky grammar as that is how it sounds in my head) and I realised that the “likes” and the “comments” I have received since I started Blogging 101 have been really important to me and have inspired me to continue plus when people have made nice comments about my health, check out “About Me” to see my trials and tribulations, then you realise that people in this world do care even if they are on the other side of the globe.

And then I made a BIG mistake. Whilst tinkering with the blogs I follow I found that I could choose how often notifications were sent to my email when someone had posted a blog. You could also set a feature where you could select whether you wanted to be told when comments were posted on the blogs you follow. Of course after task 3 the following and tagging of blogs, people were getting comments all the time. My email was pinging like crazy and every time I looked someone had received another comment and then PING another person and then PING another person! It was driving me to drink – although I do not condone driving whilst going anyway near a drink – and I found I had become such a jealous diva. Remember I’m a 40 something English man, stiff upper lip, 2.4 children and a man cave (shed) in the garden full of power tools! And here I was stropping about because I wasn’t getting any likes or comments or raindrops on roses. I’m not a cat person so not getting the whiskers didn’t bother me but I’d have chosen puppy dogs as an alternative!

I have to stop being a jealous puss, remember why I am writing a blog and stop worrying about what people think of me and make sure I think well of myself.

I have had to edit the option and turn off the notification and now I will read the comments and check out the likes when I read the blog and celebrate the “success” of my fellow writers. Honest I will be very happy for you all…..honest…..

And the link as promised –

Day three/four – check

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One Response to Day three or it could be four – Blogging 101

  1. Lita Pixel says:

    Your post made me smile Mr. 40-something man. 🙂
    What you wrote “I have to stop being a jealous puss, remember why I am writing a blog and stop worrying about what people think of me and make sure I think well of myself.” is truly what is important.
    Write for you! 🙂

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