Day Two – Blogging 101

Blimey the Blogging 101 emails seem to be coming quicker…and its only day 2!

What will I be like in 101 days? In fact I don’t even know if I’ve signed up for 101 days or whether I’ve just seen the number, done a bit of infant school maths and come up with x=5. Or in this case 101.

So my task today is to look at my title and tagline – and guess what? I didn’t or rather couldn’t . I have a more pressing problem which is what to write my blog on. And I’m not talking kitchen table, desk or leaning on the back of one of my children. I mean the physical gadget, the actual techno pen and paper, the whizz-bang thingy that will capture my prose in the way it sounds in my head – with accompanying laughter of course. (Cue mass gaffaws, slowly dying to a titter)

I wrote yesterday on a cheap 10inch Android tablet (other operating systems are available) but I have so many photos, movies, TV shows and games that it moves as fast as that young assistant at the shop who just doesn’t want to be there but needs the cash. So today I had a brain wave and dug out this older 7 inch Android tablet (again other operating sys…blah, blah, blah).

It has a screensaver that looks like a cracked screen put on there by my son….no wait that is a cracked screen put there by my son! But I’ve cleared off all the junk and now I have a dedicated blogging machine ready to to – just has a word processor on it and a shortcut to WordPress and I’m firing. Not like Lord Sugar or Donald Trump but writing like a man possessed! I have no idea what has possessed me but its not the keyboard skills fairy! Everytime I go to put “or” it puts “of” (including when I wrote this example LOL) and when I put “like” it autocorrects to “line”. But its a start and I’m able to complete task 2.

Now to look at the pesky tagline…

BTW check out – I’m liking the style

Day two – check!

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One Response to Day Two – Blogging 101

  1. Kelli says:

    I loved the ‘cracked screensaver’ part, I can absolutely relate to that! imagine my shock at your mention of my blog! I should owe you a pint or something for that! it was a wonderful surprise. I hope to read more of your writing both on and off a 7 inch tablet. That could be your question of the day… how will Colin be posting today?

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