Day One – Blogging 101

Blogging 101 is my way back into the world of blogging and to try to find a pattern, a rhythmn to my writing. I started my WordPress blog way back last year when I was going through a very bad patch in my life! I was on my knees literally and physically and thought blog writing would be cathatic as well as making a name for myself. I know I can write and just need some affirmation and some love. One of the reasons I was in such a bad place was that I felt unloved, unappreciated and thought that writing would get people giving me those pats on the back, those “well done mate” comments. But truth be known I wasn’t even in a good enough place to write. It was a deep dark hole and I had lost my “voice”, my mojo (what is that short for?) and my get up and go had got up and gone! Old gag but then I am old and that was once cutting edge comedy.

So I am Colin, I live in the UK, married with four lovely children, one pet dog and a large amount of debt. I work in sport development and I’m a football (soccer) coach – although strangely I do know an English football (grid-iron) coach – and I’m on the Blogging 101 to start regular blogs, regular musings and being regular…..but maybe I just need more fruit for that!

I hope to be blogging a little bit of humour, my shrink told me that’s my deflection process, a desire to make people laugh and to be happy and even offer some thoughtful….erm….thought stuff!

Day One – check.

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