Hello, good morning and lets get this blog started!

Hi there,

My first blog and boy has it taken me a while to get going. I love to write, I obviously have one or two novels in me (don’t we all?)…it’s just that’s not the best place to have a novel. I need to get them on paper, I need to get them out of my head where they fight for space with things like the household budget, the health of my children, my work, my family and dumb things like “Did I turn the gas off?”.

But I’ve hit an obstacle, a barrier, a time of trouble. I am in the worst trough of my life – ever!

This is so much worse than the time I would play the Madness track “Grey Day” over and over in my car every time I drove anywhere. Those were the days of cassettes (hey kids look it up on a reputable search engine) and so I would play the song, scream along, tears streaming down my cheeks and then rewind to the right point and go through the ritual all over again. This time I am completely exhausted, run down, wiped out. In fact it’s a meltdown. I have hit the end of the line and I’ve had to take time out. So finally I’m looking at writing my blog – probably had this account for over a year so it’s due a dust off, a rewire and release into the wild – well, what’s the worst that could happen?

This blog could be a way of capturing how I feel and what’s been happening in the life of a 40 something English man and to record my mind-set as it changes for the better. See I’m already being positive!

Bring it on….

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3 Responses to Hello, good morning and lets get this blog started!

  1. thenoveilst says:

    Know the feeling. I went through some of the worst throes of my life here in UK. But I managed to complete two books I recently published, posted on my blog home page and thought, if I drop dead tomorrow, at least I’ve told my story. 🙂

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